20 Best Horror Anime Movie of All Time

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A horror anime movie creates exceptional fear and terror for its viewers. Some horror movies also unfold their stories slowly to get the attention of their audience. These movie scenes can be gore, disturbing, torture, and mysterious. People really like anime horror movies because they are more creative and fun to watch.

Why it is so popular and worth watching. Because it makes us feel and demand our attention. Every second we can feel the fear, terror, and the story’s mysterious flow. If you are curious and want to watch the best horror anime movie. Then, please scroll more to know 20 different horror anime movies that you should not miss.

1. Lily C.A.T.

Lily C.A.T. poster
Lily C.A.T. poster ( Source: youtube )

This 80’s classic science frictional horror movie is next-level terror and fear. The story takes us to outer space and surveying distant planets. The actual horror and terror started when our space traveler experiences an unknown alien bacteria. Those bacteria start to cause a mysterious infection on our space travelers. Later, anime features different kinds of aliens or monsters.

2. Blood: The Last Vampire

Blood: The Last Vampire ( Source: Binged )

It’s definitely worth your time watching this amazing horror vampire movie. Our main character named Saya is a hunter who hunts a dangerous creature called chiropterans. She doing this for a long time and only hope to save humanity from these bloodthirsty monster. This Japanese light novel-based movie is short but filled with much exciting gore and action scenes.

3. Belladonna of Sadness

Belladonna of Sadness ( Source: eastman.org )

you can not ignore this one of the best-animated horror movies. This is the story of a woman named Jeanne, who is brutally raped by local people on her wedding day. After that incident, she completely broke and stay in an unconscious state. However, she got the power from the unknown spirit and got the courage to get revenge on those rapists.

4. Bio Hunter

(source: Bio Hunter)

Two researchers are endeavoring to appropriate the solution for an evil spirit infection that is influencing individuals all over Japan, notwithstanding, things have become muddled. One of them has become tainted. So starts his fight with himself, as he endeavors to control his arising evil spirit side, yet in addition to saving the existences of others by using its extraordinary strength.

5. Perfect Blue

perfect blue
(source: Perfect Blue)

Amazing Blue is the first time at the helm of artist Satoshi Kon and is a variation of the 1991 novel Perfect Blue: Kanzen Hentai. Mima Kirigoe, the individual from a J-pop symbol bunch named “cham”. She gets followed by an unpleasant-looking fan named Me-Mania, who is agitated with her change from a well-put-together picture. Following bearings from a fan letter, Mima finds a site called “Mima’s Room” containing public journal passages composed according to her point of view, and which have her day-to-day routine and musings recorded exhaustively.

6. Cat Soup

cat soup
(source: Cat Soup )

It revolves around a group of human felines, explicitly two cats: the at death’s door Nyako and her more youthful sibling Nyatta. After Nyako bites the dust, Nyatta figures out how to recover half of her spirit from Jizou. This resurrects her yet leaves her mind dead. Not set in stone to get his sister once again to typical, Nyatta goes on a dreamlike excursion through the place where there is the dead to recover the other half. Or on the other hand something.

7. Vampire Hunter D

vampire hunter D
Vampire Hunter D ( Source: youtube)

It is a dull time for the world. Humankind is simply creeping free from 300 years of control by the race of vampires known as the Nobility. The conflict against the vampires has caused significant damage; urban areas lie in ruin, the field is divided into little towns and fiefdoms that actually battle against daily strikes by the fallen vampires-and the remainders of their hereditarily produced evil presences and werewolves.

8. Seoul Station/Remake of Movie -Train to Busan

Seoul Station
(Source: Big Movie Blog)

Occurring in and around Seoul station, a youthful runaway lady should attempt to make due in a world that considers her to be dispensable. The story spins around two principal characters: Suk-Gyu, a dad who looks for his runaway little girl (Hye-sun), whom he finds is alive and as of now a sex laborer. Similarly, as he is going to be brought together with her, a zombie plague breaks out in Seoul.

9. King of Thorn

king of thorn
(Source: Best Buy)

an infection that turns its casualties to stone, starts to desolate individuals of Earth. In a frantic endeavor to save humankind’s future, a select gathering is picked for the main fix: cryogenic rest for a long time into what’s to come. The gatherings are picked and taken care of, just to get up right on time to a bad dream: abnormal animals are annihilating the cryo office that the picked survivors have awoken in. Without knowing what these animals are, the reason they are being assaulted, or even the state of humankind, the remainders of progress should gather as one and battle these beasts to make due and get away from the cryogenics office trying to find what precisely has happened to the Earth since they entered their selective sleep.

10. Empire of Corpses

The empire of corpses
The empire of corpses ( Source: amazon.com )

The simple, practically idiot-proof method of testing your hunger for The Empire of Corpses is to inquire: would you say you are a fanatic of The League of Extraordinary Gentleman (the funnies, not the film)? Does that sort of turn-of-the-century steampunk tasteful tempt you? Treat you so harshly as that kind of old-school experience sequential narrating, the style that was even cribbed for stuff like Indiana Jones? Provided that this is true, you’ll probably make some fine memories with Empire of Corpses, regardless of whether the composition here is somewhat less meaningful than Alan Moore’s semi-exemplary. Go forward, and partake in your zombies in sharp overcoats and bowler caps.

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In light of the hypothesis of Victor Frankenstein, the world has begun utilizing raised dead, however with no spirit in it, for standard commonplace work. Dr. Watson, a clinical understudy at the University of London, illicitly investigates for the missing soul in death, with the assistance of Friday. At long last Watson is gotten by Mr. M; working for the British Crown and is sent on a goose pursue the “Notes of Victor Frankenstein” which subtleties of production of sole dead joined with a spirit. Dr. Watson acknowledges the arrangement with his own intention behind the quest for the Notes.

11. Memories

(Source: Short eye)

Recollections comprise three stunning stories, each conveyed with its own surprising style. “Attractive Rose,” in view of a manga short by Katsuhiro Otomo, concerns two space voyagers following a pain signal brought into a heavenly world made by one lady’s recollections. In “Smell Bomb,” a youthful scientific expert inadvertently changes himself into a relentless organic weapon set on an immediate course for Tokyo. “Cannon Fodder” portrays an average day for a city whose whole intention is the terminating of cannons at an obscure foe.

12. Wicked City

wicked city
( Source: amazon.com )

For a really long time, a mysterious truce has existed among Earth and The Black World, an equal aspect populated by shape-transformers having amazing extraordinary abilities. Yet, presently, that settlement is up for recharging and an assailant group from the Black World intends to make every effort to prevent the arrangement from being agreed upon. The destiny of the world currently rests in the capacity of a couple of specialists, one a human, the other a shape-transformer from the distaff aspect, to ensure things work out as expected.

13. Demon City Shinjuku

demon city shinjuku
( Source: IMDB)

soon, the human world exists corresponding to a universe of devils and dim enchantment. The two have since quite a while ago maintained an uncomfortable ceasefire, yet its time is practically up, and another one must be arranged. Presently, two specialists – a top human specialist and an excellent professional killer from the other world- – should secure the main man who can seal the deal from dull world mavericks or pass on attempting!

14. Paprika


Through a gadget called the “DC Mini” it can go about as a “fantasy investigator” to go into individuals’ fantasies and investigate their oblivious musings. Before the public authority can pass a bill approving the utilization of such progressed mental innovation, one of the models is taken, sending the examination office into a commotion. In some unacceptable hands, the expected abuse of the gadget could be destroying, permitting the client to totally demolish a visionary’s character while they are snoozing. A famous researcher, Dr. Atsuko Chiba, enters the fantasy land under her fascinating change inner self, code name “PAPRIKA,” trying to find who is behind the plot to subvert the new innovation.

15. Ninja Scroll

Ninja Scroll
Ninja Scroll( Source: Pinterest)

Jubei is meandering respectable sword for employ, however whenever a possible meeting drives him to save youthful ninja lady from assault he makes adversaries with a gathering of satanic people. Jubei and the lady’s head out in different directions, yet later an administration spy powers Jubei to get together with her again and research the puzzling demise of a whole town. The examination uncovers a trick including the evil spirits and a man from Jubei’s past who should be dead. As they draw nearer to reality the evil spirits close in on them and pretty soon Jubei ends up in a lethal battle with numerous very impressive brutal adversaries.

16. Garden of Sinners

Garden of Sinners
Garden of Sinners

Mikiya Kokuto ends up interested in two things. The first is by Shiki Ryougi a wonderful, yet rather unsociable, young lady and the other is the weird series of savage passings that begin occurring in his town. As he endeavors to draw nearer to Shiki, he before long discovers that the two are associated and that there are numerous powerful powers at work which could almost certainly get him killed also.

17. Resident Evil: Vendetta

Resident Evil Vendetta
Resident Evil Vendetta ( Source: Resident Evil wiki )

A Mexican Army group administered by BSAA Captain Chris Redfield explores a manor connected to a B.O.W. carrying activity, which is swarmed with zombies contaminated with another viral strain. There he observes Glenn Arias, an underground market vendor needed by Interpol, however, Arias moves away when the house detonates. He is before long joined by one of the BSAA’s counselors, Dr. Rebecca Chambers, who starts creating medications to battle the infection experienced in the house.

18. Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack

Gyo-tokyo fish attack
Gyo-tokyo fish attack ( Source: amazon.com )

Okinawa is taken by a deluge of stunningly strange strolling fishes that are leaving the sea and are making a beeline for the urban communities. In the midst of this amazing occasion, a young lady named Kaori loses contact with her beau Tadashi, who lives in Tokyo. She heads to the funding to attempt to find him, just to discover that the city has been taken over by the fish and their foul smell.

19. Kakurenbo

kakurenbo( Source: Scary for kids )

Among the vestiges of the city, there is a game no one but kids can play. It is designated “Otokoyo”; a round of find the stowaway. Yet, at whatever point kids play this game, individually they would vanish into the blinds of the structures… The story starts when a kid enters the universe of Otokoyo, to track down his missing sister.

20. Spirited Away

Spirited Away
Spirited Away ( Source: NME)

While heading to their new home, a little youngster, Chihiro, and her folks coincidentally find what has all the earmarks of being a neglected amusement park. Yet, everything isn’t as it appears, as the amusement park is a shower house for the spirits and not a spot where people are gladly received. Chihiro should fight for her and salvage her folks, as they have been gone to pigs as discipline for eating the food implied for the divine beings.


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